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PostSubject: [GUIDE] FOR LESS LOG   Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:22 pm

I've noticed many of our players are having hard time of leveling because of lag.
Here are some tips to lessen the lag.

Things to Close While Playing
1. Opened Internet Explorer or any explorers must be close
2. Animated GIF must be close
3. Video and Music Playlist must be close
4. Downloading Windows must turn off or disable
5. Automatic Scanners of Anti Virus Programs must disable

Those things creates lag permanently while its open because they are constantly loading. Constant Loaders is one big factor that create lag while playing. Through my runned tests, monsters name appear faster when those things are closed compared when they are open.

If your not used to playing without entertainment coming from a music, I suggest you pick a music that you can stand hearing for hours and let it play in a repeatition cycle. Once that song has loaded the next cycle will be smoothly flowing without the loading hassle.

Always remember to Turn off the automatic scans of the anti virus.

Hope this guide will help ease the lag while playing RanCity

Note: Don't use window mode when playing.

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