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 Staff Rules! (IMPORTANT)

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PostSubject: Staff Rules! (IMPORTANT)   Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:09 pm

For Gms:

1. Dont give money/items in players.!
2. Dont play/abuse with the gm commands
3. Dont spawn random BOSS MOBS in the campus without Admins Permission!
4. Dont DUEL normal players.
5. You can boost the players...!
7. You cant always relly on Admin to give you an ITEM!
8. Stop asking items in admins..
9. This is a very important rule for the server DONT EVER USE THE EXP EVENT COMMAND! or the server exp will just bug!
10. YOU CANT GO TO CW`s!! you can watch but you must use your visible command!

For Event Masters:

1. You can ask admin for items but only for the EVENTS!
2. Dont use GM commands when your not making event!
3. You are just an Event Master not a Game Master so dont ask for GM rings or char EDIT!

For Forum Moderators:

1. Dont delete things in the Portal without admins PERMISSION!
2. you may have full autorization of FORUM
3. You cant ask items for GM or Vpoints!
4.You are just an FORUM MODERATOR not a Game Master so dont ask for GM rings or char EDIT!

For Chatbox mod:

1. only one rule read the chatbox rules!
2. You are just an chatbox mod not a Game Master so dont ask for GM rings or char EDIT!
3. you CANT! ask the admin to change your name and add [CM]!

Info: we dont give free vpoints in players but if your new staff of the server you will receieve 1k Vpoint!
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Staff Rules! (IMPORTANT)
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